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Happy Kids Restaurant

Our Story

Home is where you are loved the most,

and eat the best.

Matt & Jennifer met each other in high school and life has recently brought them together. Married in April 2019 with combined 5 young adults, they dreamt of an opportunity to own their own business.

Matt & Jennifer opened M&J's Country Kitchen on March 1st, 2020. Matt has had kitchen experience on & off for 3o years, and Jennifer has had financial background for the last twelve years so when they heard of the opportunity to run their own business they put in an offer. Jennifer was born and raised in Oliver, Matt was born in The Pa, Manitoba and moved here with family when he was 12. Both chose Oliver as the place to raise their children and establish their future.

Matt & Jennifer believe strongly in the community of Oliver and have a strong desire to always be giving back. That was the basis of their inspiration for the "Pay it Forward" Board, located prominently behind their front counter. They encourage community members to purchase meals or beverages to be placed on the board to help those that are less fortunate. They greatly appreciated all the help they received as single parents raising their children and wish to "pay it forward."

The Owners

Matt & Jenn Hartle


"Success is not the key to happiness,

happiness is the key to success."

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